Commission Plans

Trust is extremely important in any partnership. We are insane about building it. We do not propagate unviable revenue share arrangements or CPA arrangements. We focus on ensuring that what you send you ALWAYS get paid for those revenues for life regardless of the online casino your players may choose to play now or with future launches. Our superior tracking will also ensure that you never miss your website traffic tagging. For large affiliates with demonstrated three months of performance in the highest commission tier, we can further provide “pixel tracking” to ensure completely “fail proof tracking” for any browser or operating system. The First Time Depositors (FTDs) that you send to us is yours for life… PERIOD. All revenues from your FTDs are shared transparently with you.

Revenue Sharing


Gross Monthly Revenue              Commission

$0 and $5000                                          30 %

$5000 and $10000             35 %

Above $10,000  40 %


CPA: The Cost Per Acquisition structure offers a fixed fee per depositing player. The amount earned per player is determined based upon both the volume and the quality of the player. Each affiliate’s performance is evaluated and a specific CPA is offered accordingly. Please send your website details and anticipated number of FTDs per month at [email protected]for us to review and contact you.


We are frequent visitor to conferences organized by iGB Affiliate usually organized in Amsterdam, Barcelona and London. We look forward to meeting potential and current Affiliates during these conferences and are able to meet face to face to explore and optimize our partnership with our Affiliates. You can send an email to [email protected]  to schedule an appointment with us to discuss potential Affiliate partnership.